Working with  uploading pages, etc

This lets you upload pages to your UTK permanent account--these will be public, so be judicious!  where NetID is a person's NetID.  This is where the UTK web pages reside.  In addition, CS has a server ( where most of the CS pages reside.

You must first register for web space (if you have not done so already).  This gives you 50 megabytes of space.

1)  go to and click on registering for UNIX/Website account. This asks for your NetID and password.  NOTE:  it may take up to 2 hours (maybe longer!) to get the space. You can check to see when you have the space:   If this says "page not found" then you don't have the space yet.  If it says "page under construction" then the space is there.

2) After the site has been set up.  There are two locations you'll need to work with.
    click on "manage your website".  log in.   a page appears with various stuff, including a hyperlink to   At this location you can rename files, edit pages, etc, from any computer on the Internet.
  b)Upload pages and stuff.  Go to      Log in.  You'll see a path that says "home/yourNetID"   (whatever your NetID is).  Change directories by clicking on public_html in the list below.  The path should now say "home/yourNetID/public_html".  This is where your web pages reside on the main UTK web site.  You'll see a list of files. One of these will be default.html.  Click on this--and you'll see your web page (which initially says "under construction").
 If you want to upload a file (e.g. from the CS web site) 
         1) click on upload a file
         2) click on a browse button--there are 6 of these--you can upload 6 files at once.
         3) browse to where your files are stored--select the file to upload and click "open"
         4) finally, click on the "upload" button.
--->>>>At  your default web page MUST be named "default.html" but without the quotes (at the CS server it's index.html--but never mind!).  I've found that Windows tries to be helpful sometimes and may transfer the file not as default.html but as default.html.txt In this case, on the manage website page (see part 2, above) you can move, rename, etc files:  e.g. copy default.html.txt to default.html
       5) to view your page, go to
To download, say, default.html, just right-click on that file name--"save target as" lets you pick a download location.
Notes:  volspace isn't happy with files with special characters in the file name--spaces, !'s commas, etc  .  So trying to upload  my file.html  (with a space between my and file) will cause unhappiness.  my_file.html with the underline is OK.

volspace, unlike Windows XP, is VERY VERY fussy about things--including caps--so mypic.JPG and mypic.jpg are regarded as COMPLETELY different.  Why?  volspace is NOT Windows XP--it's the UNIX or LINUX operating system--and UNIX and LINUX are case-sensitive.  HTML, on the other hand, doesn't seem to care much.

You are limited in the amount of storage for your website, and remember it's public.  Pictures that you might have on FaceBook are not necessarily appropriate here.  also--see for good online tutorials                to edit, rename, etc files                                            to upload files