Creating web pages on the CS web server

(you can always upload to

We are trying something new:  setting up a web folder in your h-drive in CS.
www-home is a new folder--do NOT delete this.  The Computer Science web server
looks for a www-home folder in your home area.  The default name for
is default.html  and for the CS server, it's index.html.  So if you create a web page
in the www-home folder this is world readable as         where NetId is your CS and UTK Net ID.

You can use notepad to create web pages.  Notepad likes to give a file extension of
.txt, so naming a file index.html may result in Windows calling this index.html.txt
You can have Windows show file extensions, and rename it to plain old index.html
But the problem then is how to edit the file--since Windows now thinks this is a
special html file, not a Notepad file.  RIGHT-CLICKING on the file brings up a menu.
From this menu, click on EDIT, and you're in Notepad so you can edit.

UTK'S MAIN WEB SERVERS (which you can still do--but you'll have to rename
index.html as default.html).

1) don't create a file elsewhere in Windows and drag or copy it into www-home--
doing so may result in that file having the wrong file permissions so that the file is
not properly accessible to the CS web server.  Create the file in www-home itself.

2) The web server is LINUX/UNIX--it's case-sensitive with file names (e.g.
INDEX.HTML is definitely NOT the same as index.html) and it doesn't like
blanks, commas, !'s, etc in file names--my pics.html  is NOT ok:  my_pics.html
with the underline is fine.

3) if you download pictures, html backgrounds, etc, download them directly into
www-home.  Basically, anything newly created in www-home has the right properties--
using Notepad, etc elsewhere, or downloading a picture to some other directory first
and dragging it to www-home will probably result in that picture or file not having
the right properties.

4) Don't go hog-wild and download 250MB of pictures to www-home--we won't like that.

5) a good site for bgcolors, backgrounds, etc, is