Exam 2 guide      Nov 29, 2007

We will include a table of hex-binary values (e.g. 1010=A=10) as we did on the 2nd exam.  You should expect to see some binary-hex conversion questions, as on exam #2.  The sample exam from last spring did not have such questions.

IMPORTANT NOTES:  my answers are subject to correction.  Some of the GTAs are doing keys, so we'll cross-check.

Signed binary means sign-and-magnitude representation.
In the answers below, at times none of the answers may be correct--but as noted, there will be an answer and I'll note BEST beside it.  For example,  if the question asked:
56) What is the latest operating system from Microsoft?
a) Red Hat Linux  b) Mac OS  c) DOS 3.1  d) Windows XP
the BEST answer would be (d).  The CORRECT answer (none of the above) would be Vista
(remember that the sample exam was from spring, and that the question could have come from an even earlier exam).

1) d
2) b
3) a
4) b
5) d
6) c
7) d
8) a
9) b
10) a.....CORRECTION.....
11) a
12) c 
13) b
14) d
15) d
16) b
17) d
18) b
19) a
20) c
21) d
22) d   e.g. linux...
23) d
24) c
25) d
26) b
27) a
28) c
29) c
30) c
31) c
32) c
33) b  BEST.  even the cheapest Dell computers have 1 gig of RAM, 2-3 gig is common
34) c  BEST  the cheapest Dell laptop has an 80 gig drive.  more common is 120-500 gig
35) c
36) b
37) a
38) c
39) b
40) d  (notice the colon!)
41) b
42) b   CORRECTION from earlier--i was looking at count starting with 0.  c is NOT the right answer
43) b
44) d
45) a
46) c (still works)
47) d
48) d
49) b
50) c  9 bytes.  note the spaces before and after the U
51) a   I expect students were given a handout on ASCII character values.  we do not expect you to memorize these.
            space is hex 20 = decimal 32
52) c
53) c BEST  you can pay (usually not very much) for some versions of linux, but there are also plenty of free versions such as debian.
          the same thing is true of html editors--some are free, some are not
54) d  (missing : on the else)
55) c