Prerequisite: CS 360 UNIX Systems Programming
This will be a hands-on programming course on routing.  We'll be using a variation of vnet (see my course on UNIX Network Programming).
Implementations of interior and exterior routing protocols, including projects on distance-vectored and link-state routing--these will
be similar to RIP, OSPF, BGP, etc.  Groups will have subnetted LANs with dynamic routing, and gateways (using BGP) connected to
other groups' gateways.

text:  jeff doyle: routing TCP/IP, volume I (required), volume II (recommended). from cisco press, CCIE professional development series. the list price of each is $70--not bad for 1000 pages--but you can get them at for $50 each. these are two classics--the first deals with interior routing protocols, the second with exterior, NAT, multicasting, etc.

for Spring, 2003, we had a hands-on routing lab for about 3 weeks. This had 3 Cisco 2500 series routers plus a console server. Students were able to configure these--with Cisco IOS configuration commands, and were able to set things up for static routing, RIP, OSPF, etc. For Spring, 2004, we had a similar lab (4x2500 + 3x4000 series routers plus a console server) for most of the semester. In addition, for Spring, 2003 we had field trips to Stokeley Man. Ctr to see some of the actual UTK routers in operation. So you get to write some underlying code to manage a router--OSPF-lite, and also see how the network people configure real routers.