ECE 551 -- Syllabus -- Fall 2011

12:40 p.m.-1:55 p.m. in 510 Ferris Hall
Session DateTopic
01 08/18/ThuCourse Overview; Microelectronic Systems Design
02 08/23/TueHW1; Remote Access; Role of Synthesis
03 08/25/Thu HDL Examples; HW2 (GUI and CLI)
04 08/30/TueVHDL for Combinational Logic
05 09/01/ThuVHDL for Controllers
06 09/06/TueStructural VHDL
07 09/09/Thu Design Methodology; HW3
08 09/13/TueCreating & Integrating IP Blocks
09 09/15/ThuValidation and Verification
10 09/20/TueAsserts; Quality IP Blocks
11 09/22/ThuGlobal Design
12 09/27/TueNo Class (miss# 1)
-- 09/29/ThuNo Class (Fall Break)
13 10/04/TueAnimating Logic Simulations; HW4
14 10/06/ThuHDL2Graphics; Graphics2HDL; HW5; Testbenches; HW6B; HW6B-Solution
15 10/11/TueProject Descriptions and Assignments
16 10/13/ThuFPGA Floorplans & Interconnect
17 10/18/TueRetargeting & Migration; HW6A
18 10/20/ThuReconfigurable Computing
19 10/25/Tue Keyboard & VGA; Pong; Inferring RAM (p372); CoreGen; DPRAM; BRAM-Gen
20 10/27/Thu Model-Based Design; HW7
21 11/01/Tue VHDL-Verilog Examples; Doug Smith
22 11/03/Thu SOPC; Xilinx-ARM; Platform Design
23 11/08/Tue Need for Test; Designing Testable ICs
24 11/10/Thu Failure Analysis; PRBS/LFSR
25 11/15/Tue BIST; Boundary Scan
26 11/17/Thu FPGA Optimizations
27 11/22/TueNo Class (miss# 2)
-- 11/24/ThuNo Class (Thanksgiving)
28 11/29/TueTeam Presentations; Project Checkoffs
29 12/01/ThuHW & Reports due at noon
30 12/08/ThuFinal Exam (2:45-4:45 p.m.) [12/5/Mon-12:30-2:30 pm]


Project Report:

A project report consists of a PPT with notes.

Final Exam:

No reference material or scratch paper may be used during the Final Exam which will be two hours in length. It will cover the topics discussed in class.


Students may consult others about possible solutions but may not copy from one another directly.

Late Work:

Each assignment is due at the beginning of class. Assigned work that is received late but within the subsequent 24 hours will be discounted 30%. Thereafter, each 24-hour period will necessitate an additional 10% penalty. Saturday and Sunday are considered one period. No work will be accepted after 12/01/Thursday at noon.


I adhere strictly to this statement from the UTK catalog: "I" indicates that the student has done satisfactory work in the course, but because of circumstances beyond his control has been unable to finish all requirements. It is not to be given to enable a student to do additional work to bring up a deficient grade.

Test Hint:

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