Course Vitals and Info

ECE 482 Spring 2018

Class Meeting Schedule

Lectures will meet in MK419, and lab sessions in MK225. Check the course schedule for meeting room during each session. The first class will meet in MK419.





Additional Readings

These readings may be useful for students enrolled in the course, but are not required reading:

Additional notices for all students

Course Topics

  1. Battery Modeling
  2. Modeling and Characterization of AC Machines
  3. DC/DC Converter Analysis and Design
  4. Loss Modeling of Power Electronics
  5. Basic Magnetics and Transformers
  6. Debugging and prototyping techniques
  7. Current-mode Control
  8. Feedback Loop Design
  9. Layout of Power Electronics Circuits
  10. BLDC and PMSM Control Methods
  11. System-Level Control Design