The University of Tennessee, Knoxville


Micro Analysis Systems Laboratory  @ UTK


Principal investigator:   Jayne Wu 

                              Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

544 Min H Kao Building, 1520 Middle Drive, Knoxville, TN 37996


Director, Initiative of PON/POC Nano-bio-sensing, UT


Affiliated faculty at Institute of Biomedical Engineering, UTK




Contact:        Email:,    Phone:  865-974-5494,     Fax: 865-974-5483


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Dr. Wu is passionate about developing biosensor technology and she is actively involved with the biosensor community on the UT campus. With the help from other three professors, a UTK “Initiative for PON/POC Nanobiosensing” was established. 

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Research Areas:

·         Micro- and nano-fluidics, esp. AC electrokinetics for bio-nano-applications,

ACEK enhanced transdermal drug delivery, on-chip pumping for organ-on-a-chip, preconcentration and sorting for biodetection

·        Bio-electronics

Electrical biosensors

Portable / multiplexed on-site detection

·        Opto-fluidics

Integration of lab-on-a-chip with optical detection

·        Instrumentation for wearable & implantable passive devices


·        MEMS power devices

Inductive powering of ACEK microdevices, on-body bioelectronics, design of integrated power inductors, and light and heat scavenging.





1.    Cheng Cheng, Ph.D. 2017 Spring


2.    Haochen Cui, Ph.D., 2015 Summer

Research Engineer, Meridian Biosciences, Inc.


3.    Quan Yuan, Ph.D., 2014 Summer

Senior Scientist, Biomedical Engineer, Purdue University


4.    Kai Yang , Ph.D., 2011 Summer

Research associate, UCSD


5.    Meng Lian, Ph.D., 2009 Fall

Research associate, Oak Ridge National Laboratory


6.    Nazmul Islam, PhD, 2007 Spring

Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Northern Arizona University



·       Jayanth Kruttiventi, Master’s, 2007 Fall

Field application engineer, Texas Instruments (Longmont, Colorado)

·       Sangeetha Swaminathan, Master’s, 2007 Spring


·       Meenaa Kalyanaraman, Master’s, 2007 Fall

ORNL post-master program, bioelectronics—microfluidics.


·       Prachya (Paul) Mruetusatorn (Master’s 2007 Fall) (



·       Kai Yang (Master’s 2008 Spring)


·       Quan Yuan (Master’s 2010 Summer)



Visiting PhD Scholars:

1.         Xiaozhu Liu

2.         Shanshan Li

3.         Hadi Mirzajani

Visiting professors:

1.    Xiaogang Lin

2.    Jian Zhang