Test Cases Library of Power System Sustained Oscillations

Simulated cases for 2021 IEEE-NASPI Oscillation Source Location Contest(Back to the homepage)

Original simulated test cases created in 2016 was based on a WECC 179-bus power system model, which does not cover all possible practical situations of forced oscillations (FOs) such as location of the source in load or in HVDC. Also, interaction of control systems may complicate locating the source of FO and this factor seemed impossible to exhibit by the WECC 179-bus system where simplified classical model is used for all generators. The new set of simulated test cases here cover these gaps. A WECC 240-bus system has detailed modeling of generator including the governor and excitation controls. Random fluctuations (without trend) are added to load model to better mimic actual load behavior. Test cases include also HVDC and load as the source of FO. Additionally, developed library of User Defined Models in TSAT software provide the flexibility to interested users to model a broad range of others FOs beyond the provided 13 test cases.

Below provides the download of the simulation model and data for all 13 cases used by the 2021 IEEE-NASPI Oscillation Source Location Contest conducted between April-June 2021. For each of the 13 cases, we provide:

[DOWNLOAD]All Cases (41.3MB)

The solution key can be downloaded here.

More about these 13 contest cases and their design

Below introduces more details about the 13 contest cases and how they were designed. Interested users may learn from it and start designing additional interesting cases for their own research and studies.