Test Cases Library of Power System Sustained Oscillations

Recent Update

  • 08/06/2021: Added a new section hosting simulation models and data used by 2021 IEEE-NASPI Oscillation Source Location Contest.
  • 03/06/2020: Added PMU data on a new actual forced oscillation in ISO-NE at about 0.14Hz.
  • 04/10/2018: Added a new section related to PMU data sets for actual oscillation events in power systems.
  • 01/22/2018: New simulated cases added to "forced oscillation cases" with forced signal injected into the governor of a generator.
  • About the test cases library

    This website provides a power system oscillation test cases library including both simulated cases and actual oscillatory events in power systems. The main objective for this library is to facilitate the development and testing of algorithms, methods and tools for identifying the source of poorly damped or forced oscillation in power systems. There are two sets of simulated cases and one set of actual oscillation events:

  • The first set of simulated cases were created by simulation on a WECC 179-bus power system model (click to see the description of the WECC 179-bus system base case model). With each test case of the library, we provide a case description, simulation results (to mimic PMU measurements with oscillation), and the simulation model in the PSS/E V30 format. Currently, there are 27 cases (including 9 cases on poorly damped natural electromechanical oscillations and 18 cases on forced oscillations). More cases will be added on an as-needed basis.
  • The second set of simulated cases, including 13 cases, were created on a WECC 240-bus power system model (developed by NREL). These cases were designed by the committee of the 2021 IEEE-NASPI Oscillation Source Location Contest and used for the Contest from April-June 2021. For each of the 13 cases, we provide the simulation model (a full set of TSAT files) and the simulated synthetic PMU data (with partial observability) used for the Contest.
  • 6 cases of actual oscillatory events are provided, where each case contains a description and a set of actual PMU measurements collected from multiple points of actual power systems during oscillatory events.
  • The development of this test cases library was led by Dr. Slava Maslennikov (ISO-NE). The website is maintained by Dr. Kai Sun (UTK). Related simulation models and Matlab codes were prepared by Dr. Bin Wang.

    Here is a white paper (PDF) on the development, models and test cases of this library. Please cite this paper if you use any material of the library in your research.

  • S. Maslennikov, B. Wang, Q. Zhang, F. Ma, X. Luo, K. Sun, E. Litvinov, "A Test Cases Library for Methods Locating the Sources of Sustained Oscillations," IEEE PES General Meeting, Boston, MA, July 17-21, 2016.
  • Motivation and objective

    Test cases

         ➤Cases of actual oscillatory events

         ➤Simulated cases of oscillatory events

         ➤Simulated cases for 2021 IEEE-NASPI Oscillation Source Location Contest