Senjuti Dutta

Peer Reviewed Conference Papers

Mobilizing Crowdwork: A Systematic Assessment of the Mobile Usability of HITs (Accepted at CHI 2022). S. Dutta, R. Linder, D. Lowe, M.Rosenbalm, A. Kuzminykh, and A. Williams.

Characterizing Work-Life for Information Work on Mars: A Design Fiction for the New Future of Work on Earth. (Accepted at GROUP 2022). R. Linder, C. Hunter, J. McLemore, S. Dutta, F. Akbar, T. Grover, T. Breideband, J. Borghouts, G. Mark, A. Henley and A. Williams.

Secure and Efficient Task Matching with Multi-keyword in Multi-requester and Multi-worker Crowdsourcing. In IEEE/ACM 29th International Symposium on Quality of Service IWQOS, 2021. K. Yang, S. Dutta .

Divya-Drishti: A Smart-phone based Campus Navigation System for the Visually Impaired. In Fifth International Conference on Emerging Applications of Information Technology. West Bengal, India, 2018. S. Dutta , M.S. Barik, C. Chowdhury, and D. Gupta.

Peer Reviewed Workshop Papers

Doing Work from Where You Are: AI HIT Management Dispatching Work Tailored to Context. (Accepted at the CHI 22 Crowd Science Workshop). S. Dutta, R. Linder, A. Kuzminykh, and A. Williams.

The Productivity Paradox Understanding Tooling Biases in Crowdwork. (Accepted at the CSCW 21 Workshop Investigating and Mitigating Biases in Crowdsourced Data). S. Dutta, R. Linder, D. Lowe, M.Rosenbalm, A. Kuzminykh, and A. Williams.

Towards an Authorial Leverage Evaluation Framework for Expressive Benefits of Deep Generative Models in Story Writing ( accepted at CHI 2023 workshop on Intelligent and Interactive Writing Assistants ) S. Chen, C. Morgan, D. Olsen, E. Manilow, M. Nelson, Q. Zhang, S. Dutta , P. Mirowski, K. Mathewson

Peer Reviewed Poster Papers

Beyond a One-Size-Fits-All Approach: Towards Personalizing Multi-device Setups in Crowdwork (Accepted at the UbiComp/ISWC '22.) S. Dutta, R. Linder, S. Ruoti, A. Williams and A. Kuzminykh.