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CURENT - NSF/DOE Engineering Research Center

PoTENNtial - Graduate Student Wide Bandgap Traineeship

Present Research

  1. Application of Wide Bandgap (SiC and GaN) Power Electronics
    Sponsored by various companies and government agencies

  2. HVDC Applications of Modular Multilevel Converter (MMC)
    Sponsored by NSF/DOE ERC CURENT

  3. High Speed Gate Drives and Device Protection
    Sponsored by II-VI Foundation

  4. SiC Based Modular Transformer-less MW-Scale Power Conditioning System and Control for Flexible CHP System
    Sponsored by DOE

  5. Flexible Microgrids with Dynamic Boundary
    Sponsored by U.S. Department of Energy

  6. Reconfigurable Power Grid Emulator to Evaluate High Penetration of Renewables
    Sponsored by the National Science Foundation and U.S. DOE - CURENT

Previous Research

  1. An Ultra-light Highly Efficient MW Class Cryogenically Cooled Inverter for Future All Electric Aircraft Applications
    Sponsored by NASA and Boeing
  2. High Efficiency Converters for Data Center Power Supplies
    Sponsored by Auburn University
  3. Silicon Carbide Applications as the Next Generation of Power Electronics
    Sponsored by various companies
  4. Modular Power Electronics for High Temperature Applications
    Sponsored by Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  5. Vehicle to Grid (V2G) Ancillary Services Provided by Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs)
    Sponsored by Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  6. Integration of Distribution Energy Resources with the Grid
    Sponsored by Stanford University's Global Climate and Energy Project
  7. High Temperature Gate Drives
    Sponsored by II-VI Foundation
  8. Accelerated Reliability Testing of Power Electronic Devices
    Sponsored by Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  9. An SOI-based High-Voltage,High-Temperature Gate-Driver for SiC FET
    Sponsored by Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  10. Multilevel Converter Interface with Solar Panels
    Sponsored by the National Science Foundation
  11. Modular Power Electronic Converters as a Utility Interface for Distributed Generation
  12. Reactive Power Compensation and Planning
  13. DC Distribution System and Placement of Fuel Cells
  14. Cascaded H-bridge Multilevel Inverter Drives Operating under Faulty
    Condition with AI-Based Fault Diagnosis and Reconfiguration

  15. Diagnostic Technique for Multilevel Inverters Based on Genetic Algorithm
    to Select a Principal Component Neural Network

  16. Non-active Power Definitions and Active Filtering
  17. Harmonic Minimization in Multilevel Converters
  18. High Performance Motor Drives
  19. Evaluation Platform for Real-Time Control of Motor Drives for Hybrid Electric Vehicles (with J. N. Chiasson)
  20. Agent-Based Ancilliary Services in a Deregulated Environment (with H. Qi)
  21. Power Electronics and Alternator for Advanced Medium-Sized Portable Military Generator Set
  22. Multilevel Pulse Width Modulation Techniques
  23. Efficiency Modeling of Hybrid-Electric Vehicle Drive Train
  24. Multilevel Converters for Large Variable Speed Drives
  25. Harmonic Analysis of Electrical Distribution Systems
  26. Methods for Estimating Induction Motor Efficiency
  27. Reliability of Lightning-Resistant Overhead Lines
  28. Computer-Aided Overcurrent Coordination and Protection of Electrical Distribution Systems
  29. Dynamic Ampacity Control for the PCAT Facility
  30. Permanent Magnet Machine Vector Control With a Real Time PC Interface
  31. Fault Diagnosis and Reconfiguration in a Multilevel Inverter Using a Principal Component Neural Network
  32. Basic Switching Cells in Power Electronics Inverters
  33. Modeling of Silicon Carbide Power Semiconductor Devices
  34. Reactive Power Planning
  35. A Nonlinear Least-Squares Approach for Identification of Induction Motor Parameters
  36. Speed Estimation of the Induction Motor
  37. Modeling and Analysis of an Active Front-End Induction Motor Drive for Reactive Power Compensation
  38. A Generalized Nonactive Power Theory for Parallel Compensation
  39. Ancillary Services from Distributed Energy Resources
  40. Assessment of the Economic Benefits from Reactive Power Compensation
  41. Design of a New Permanent Magnet Machine by 3D Finite Element Analysis
  42. Fault Diagnosis System for a Mutlilevel Inverter Using a Neural Network

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