Basics of Computer Science, Animated

Principal Investigator:
Dr. Michael W. Berry, Department of Computer Science, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Murray Browne, Department of Computer Science, UTK
Art Director:
Sarah Lowe, School of Art, UTK
Subject Advisors:
Dr. Heather Booth and System Administrator Markus Iturriaga, Department of Computer Science, UTK
Dr. Heather Booth and Murray Browne
Artwork and Programming:
Jeff Romaniuk, UTK School of Art (Architecture, Data Numbers, Network, Mickey Rievley (Text, Images and Sound)
Website Design:
Jeff Romaniuk
Special thanks to:
UTK Department of Computer Science faculty for their support.
Cary Wiedman of the UT School of Architecture for his technical assistance setting up the photography session.
Bobby Maisnam, Department of Computer Science web master.

This work was funded initially with a Teaching with Technology Grant from the Innovative Technology Center, University of Tennessee.

Photo Credits and Permissions
Module 1. Computer Architecture
All the photos in the historical slide show with the exception of the photo of the ENIAC machine come from John Kopplin’s Computer Science Lab web site ( The ENIAC photo is courtesy of the U.S. Army.
Photos of the computers and the peripheral devices were taken by Jeff Romaniuk.
Module 2. Data Representation
In the slide show, the photo of the Scandinavian calendar stick is courtesy of the Scandinavian Heritage Project of Emery, SD. The photo of the wampum beads is courtesy of Wampum Belt Reproduction, Waaban Aki Crafting, Storrs, CT, Tara Prindle. The photo of the Micronesia stick map is courtesy of Dirk H.R. Spennemann of the Marshall Islands: An Electronic Library & Archive at
The photo of the Pascaline machine is courtesy of the History of Computing Project

Module 4. Data Representation of Images, Sound
Photo of boat courtesy of Mickey Rievley.