Previous Students

PhD Students

Melissa C. Smith (December 2003, currently an Assistant Professor at Clemson University). Dissertation title: Analytical Modeling of High Performance Reconfigurable Computers: Prediction and Analysis of System Performance. Dissertation proposal.

James Michael McCollum (August 2006, with C. Cox, currently an Assistant Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University). Dissertation title: Accelerating Exact Stochastic Simulation of Biochemical Systems.

Saumil Merchant (August 2007, currently a Research Scientist at IBM). Dissertation title: Intrinsically Evolvable Artificial Neural Networks.

Junqing Sun (December 2007, currently a Senior Design Engineer at Marvel). Dissertation title: High Performance Reconfigurable Computing for Linear Algebra: Design and Performance Analysis.

Bhanu Rekapalli (December 2007, currently a Computational Scientist at the National Institute for Computational Science). Dissertation title: Automated Genome-Wide Protein Domain Exploration.

Akila Gothandaraman (August 2009, currently a Research Assistant Professor at the University of Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center). Dissertation title: Accelerating Quantum Monte Carlo Simulations with Emerging Architectures.

Depeng Yang (August 2011, with H. Li, currently a Senior Hardware Engineer at Qualcomm). Dissertation title: Turbo Bayesian Compressed Sensing.

MS Students

Tik-Hing Choi (May 2003, project). Project title: Floating-Point Matrix-Vector Multiplication Using Reconfigurable System.

Hongtau Du (August 2003, with H. Qi). Thesis title: Dimensionality Reduction using Parallel Independent Component Analysis in Hyperspectral Image Analysis.

Saumil Merchant (August 2003, currently at IBM). Thesis title: Approaches for MATLAB Applications Acceleration Using High Performance Reconfigurable Computers.

Bhanu Rekapalli (August 2003, currently at NICS). Thesis title: Genomic Data Analysis Using Grid-Based Computing.

Kirk Baugher (May 2004, currently at Honeywell). Thesis title: Sparse Matrix Sparse Vector Multiplication using Parallel and Reconfigurable Computing.

Venkatesh Bhaskaran (May 2004, currently at Intel). Thesis title: Parameterized Implementation of K-means Clustering on Re-configurable Systems.

Mahesh Dorai (May 2004, currently at Juniper Networks). Thesis title: A Reconfigurable Computing Solution to the Parameterized Vertex Cover Problem.

Yuan He (May 2004, currently at Navy CRANE). Thesis title: Hyper-Spectral Image Processing Using High Performance Reconfigurable Computers.

Sampath Kothandaraman (May 2004, currently at QualComm). Thesis title: Implementation of Block-based Neural Networks on Reconfigurable Computing Platforms.

Michael McCollum (May 2004, currently at VCU). Thesis title: Accelerating Exact Stochastic Simulation.

Nitin Tiwari (May 2004, courses option).

Jeff Krumm (August 2004, currently at Tennessee Valley Authority). Thesis title: Calculated Combustion: An Investigation of Electronic Equipment Tenability in Data Center Fires.

Brandon Thurman (August 2005, currently at Exegy). Thesis title: Reconfigurable Hardware Acceleration of Exact Stochastic Simulation.

Yu Bi (December 2006, currently at Qualcomm). Thesis title: A Reconfigurable Supercomputing Library for Accelerated Parallel Lagged-Fibonacci Pseudorandom Number Generation.

Swetha Priyanka Pakala (December 2006). Thesis title: Microprocessor Implementation of Autoregressive Analysis of Process Sensor Signals.

Brandon Rogers (August 2007, currently at Eaton ). Thesis title: The Reliability of ZigBee Signal Strength for Discovery, Identification, and Localization of High-Density Wireless Sensor Networks.

JunKyu Lee (August 2007, currently PhD student at UT ). Thesis title: Hardware Accelerated Scalable Parallel Random Number Generation.

Nanditha Pulasani (December 2007). Project title: Code Coverage Analysis and Functional Verification.

Brian Bollinger (August 2008, currently at Exxon ). Project title: GateKEYper: A Project in Home Automation.

Vijay Gopalan (August 2008, courses option).

Abhimabyu Sulakhe (August 2008, courses option).

Brian Sharp (August 2008, currently at Navy - Panama City ). Thesis title: Extending Hardware Based Mandatory Access Controls to Multicore Architectures.

Murali Uppala (December 2008). Thesis title: BiST Testing for High Speed SerDes.

Nader Michou (May 2009). Project title: Implementation of a High Speed Serial Transceiver.

Dilip Patlolla (August 2009, currently at ORNL ). Thesis title: A GPU-based Implementation for Improved Online Rebinning Performance in Clinical 3-D PET.

Rick Weber (August 2009, currently PhD student at UT ). Thesis title: Performance Evaluation of Memory and Computationally Bound Chemistry Applications on Streaming GPGPUs and Multi-core x86 Processors.

David Jenkins (December 2009, currently PhD student at UT ). Thesis title: Accelerating the Stochastic Simulation Algorithm using Emerging Architectures.

Prasanth Kakani (December 2009). Project title: Implementation of Variational Path Integral Simulations on GPUs.

Chris Rathgeb (May 2010, currently PhD student at UT ). Thesis title: Dynamic Application Level Security Sensors.

Akan Udoeyop (August 2010, currently at CISCO ). Project title: Cyber Profiling for Insider Threat Detection.

Phani Vanguri (December 2010). Thesis title: FPGA-Based Implementation of Accelerated Stochastic Simulation Algorithm.

Christina Ward (May 2011, currently at Y12). Thesis title: Software Verification for a Custom Instrument using VectorCAST and CodeSonar.

Shanthan Mudhasani (May 2011). Project title: GPU-Based Implementation of the Variational Path Integral Method.

Undergraduate Students - Research Assistants

Kirk Baugher (May 2003, completed MS at UT, currently at Honeywell)

Joe Lancaster (May 2003, completed PhD at Washington University)

Ben Boggess (December 2004, currently at AEDC)

Brian Sharp (August 2006, completed MS at UT, currently at Navy - Panama City)

Rick Weber (August 2006, completed MS at UT, currently PhD student at UT)

Nithiya Gajanetharan (August 2006, completed MS at UT)

Alex Melhorn (August 2006, completed MS at UT, now at ORNL)

Himalaya Patel (August 2006, completed MS at IU)

Chris Rathgeb (August 2007, completed MS at UT, currently PhD student at UT)

Logan Lamb (August 2010, currently MS student at UT)

Ben Bales (August 2011, currently PhD student at UCSB)

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