Confirmed participants as of 1 February 2008:
Nitin Baliga (Systems Biology, Archaea), Institute for Systems Biology, USA
Mikael Benson (Clinical Systems Biology), Queen Silvia Children's Hospital, Sweden
Susan Bergeson (Genetics and Molecular Neurobiology), Texas Tech University, USA
Richard Bonneau (Network Inference), New York University, USA
Mike Boxem (Network Biology, C. elegans), Harvard University, USA
Rainer Breitling (Bioinformatics and Systems Biology), University of Groningen, The Netherlands
Kevin Burrage (Stochastic Modelling), University of Oxford, UK, and University of Queensland, Australia
Pamela Burrage (Mathematical Biology), University of Queensland, Australia
Lachlan Coin (Statistical Genetics), Imperial College London, UK
Carsten Carlberg (Transcriptional Regulation), University of Luxemburg, Luxemburg
Frank Dehne (Computational Proteomics), Carleton University, Canada
Sorin Draghici (Mathematical Biology), Wayne State University, USA
Devdatt Dubhashi (Phylogentic Analysis), Chalmers University, Sweden
Ivan Gerling (Preclinical Biomarkers), University of Tennessee Health Science Center, USA
Mike Langston (Computational Systems Biology), University of Tennessee, USA
Ulrike Nuber (Neurological Transcription Networks), Lund Stem Cell Center, Sweden
Zoltan Oltvai (Network Biology), University of Pittsburgh, USA
Carsten Peterson (Stem Cell and Cancer Systems Biology), Lund University, Sweden
Miguel Angel Pujana (Network Biology), Catalan Institute of Oncology, Spain
Mark Ragan (Computational Genomics), Institute for Molecular Biosciences, Australia
Prahlad Ram (Signaling Networks), M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, USA
Ben Raphael (Cancer Genomics), Brown University, USA
Jesper Tegner (Computational Medicine), Karolinska Institute, Sweden
Pablo Villoslada (Clinical Systems Biology), University of Navarra, Spain
Rohan Williams (Gene Expression Networks), University of New South Wales, Australia
Ulrike Wittig (Biological Databases), EML Research, Germany