CORSys Research Group:

Compilers, Operating, and Runtime Systems for
Modern and Emerging Architectures


The CORSys group investigates issues in performance, power, security, and reliability of software in domains ranging from embedded to scientific computing. Our work aims to provide system tools and modifications to existing system software that improve computing efficiency on modern and next-generation machines.

Current Projects

  • Memory Management for Modern and Emerging Architectures
    • Adapting heap layouts to exploit features of heterogeneous memory architectures
    • Cross-layer memory management to improve performance and power efficiency
    • Profiling techniques to predict data access patterns

  • Program Profiling and Analysis
    • Program profiling for feedback-directed optimizations
    • Scheduling method compiles for JITs with multiple optimization tiers
    • Dynamic compilation policies for multi- and many-core machines.
    • Backend compiler optimizations, and how to apply them (including phase ordering / selection)


We are currently searching for PhD students that enjoy programming and are interested in software systems research to join our group. If you would like to apply, please contact Dr. Jantz (mrjantz <at> utk <dot> edu) for more details.