CORSys Research Group:

Compilers, Operating, and Runtime Systems for
Modern and Emerging Architectures


Open source software tools that we have created and contributed to in our lab:

Simplified Interface to Complex Memory (SICM)

  • SICM: Memory allocator for heterogeneous memory systems, built on top of jemalloc 5.0. SICM is part of the DOE Exascale Computing Project and is a collaborative effort among our group as well as other researchers across various academic institutions and DOE national laboratories. Most contributions from our group are localized in the high level interface of SICM.

  • Guide to Building and Running Applications with SICM: This repository was used as a part of a demo that shows how to build and run applications with SICM. The repo includes detailed instructions as well as scripts to build and run the LULESH proxy application with the SICM toolset. A video of the demo is available below:

Hybrid memory systems simulation tools

  • Marena: Heterogeneous memory arena allocator built on top of jemalloc 5.0
  • Memtracer: Pin tool for monitoring and managing memory accesses
  • Multi-tier Ramulator: Fork of Ramulator that supports hetergeneous memory device simulation
  • Hotgen: Python scripts for computing knapsack and hotset allocation point information

Cross-layer memory management for managed language applications

  • xmem: HotSpot Java VM with distinct regions for hot and cold data objects
  • mcolor kernel: Linux kernel with memory coloring API (based off v.2.6.32)