Simulated and Actual Test Cases Library

A power system oscillation test cases library has been developed under a collaborative effort led by Dr. Slava Maslennikov with ISO New England. The purpose is to provide a common foundation to test methods for locating the source of a poorly damped or forced oscillation by using wide-area measurements. The library is built based on a simplified WECC 179-bus system model and includes both poorly damped and forced oscillation cases. The library is currently maintained by Dr. Kai Sun and Bin Wang with CURENT. For each test case, the library provides a case description, simulation results (to mimic PMU measurements with oscillation), and the simulation model in in the PSS/E V30 format.

A paper on this test cases library:
S. Maslennikov, B. Wang, Q. Zhang, F. Ma, X. Luo, K. Sun, E. Litvinov, "A Test Cases Library for Methods Locating the Sources of Sustained Oscillations," 2016 IEEE PES General Meeting, Boston, MA.

Actual oscillatory events have been added to library, which are provided as the sets of actual PMU measurements collected from multiple points during oscillatory events. Each case is supplied with a description.

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