CS 594 - Computer Systems Fundamentals

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Course Description

The graduate computer science curriculum at the University of Tennessee assumes a significant background in computer sciences topics. Though many of the graduate-level classes, such as data mining, scientific computing, biologically-inspired computing, and optimization, may be of significant use to non-computer science major, there is currently no course available that allows a targeted review of computer science knowledge required for graduate-level classes.

The course described below would fill this need by providing a comprehensive review of material covered in the key undergraduate courses at the University of Tennessee, knowledge that is assumed to be known by all students in the graduate-level classes. This course provides a gateway for students in other disciplines, such as mathematics, biology, or physics, or with backgrounds in other disciplines to comfortably enter a graduate-level computer science class with confidence in their ability to succeed.

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All Lecture Notes

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Course Schedule

Wednesday, June 1 Lab:
  • Linux basics
  • Lab 1: CS 140: Lab 3 - PGM Files OR CS 302: Lab 1 - PPM Files
  • Due: 12:00 PM - June 8
  • For more information on PGM files, see CS 140: Lab 2.
  • For more information about procedure calls and reference parameters in C++, see Procedures lecture notes.
  • For more information about vectors in C++, see Vectors lecture notes.
  • For a makefile for CS 140: Lab 3, click here. (Right click to save makefile.)
  • Gradescript for CS 140: Lab 3 is on our lab machines in ~plank/cs140/Labs/Lab3/
    • Run the gradescript in the directory containing your lab executable by calling ~plank/cs140/Labs/Lab3/gradeall or any individual gradescript by calling ~plank/cs140/Labs/Lab3/gradescript #, where # is the number of the gradescript you want to run.
Friday, June 3 Guest Lecture on high performance computing by Dr. Jack Dongarra
Monday, June 6 Lecture:
Wednesday, June 8 Lab:
Friday, June 10 Lecture:
Monday, June 13 Lecture:
Wednesday, June 15 Lab:
Friday, June 17 TBD
Monday, June 20 Lecture:
Wednesday, June 22 Lab:
Friday, June 24 Lecture:
Monday, June 27 Lecture:
Wednesday, June 29 Lab:
Friday, July 1 Lecture:
Monday, July 4 NO CLASS
Wednesday, July 6 Lecture:
Friday, July 8 Lab:
Monday, July 11 Lecture:
Wednesday, July 13 Lab:
Friday, July 15 Lecture:
Monday, July 18 Lecture:
Wednesday, July 20 Lab:
Friday, July 22 Lecture:
Monday, July 25 Lecture:
Wednesday, July 27 Lab:
Friday, July 29 Visit to ORNL for tour and demonstrations has been CANCELLED.

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Each student in this course will use the automated grading script for their weekly lab. Weekly labs account for 70 percent of their grade. Course attendance will be 10 percent of each students grade and weekly lecture participation will encompass the remaining 20 percent.

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Course Policies

Each student will be required to complete one weekly lab. Depending on the student's skill level, a more advanced lab may be selected (by the student and approved by the TA) from the following list of labs to replace a simpler labs in the course list:

Lab Policy:

Labs will be due at noon, one week after they are assigned unless otherwise noted on the schedule. A 10-point late penalty will be assigned for each day late. Any lab turned in after five days will be given a 0. The lab scores will be based on the score received by the gradescript provided. A student's lab average will be 70 percent of their final score.

As discussed in class, students will be allowed one free late lab. Email the TA for more information about using your free late lab.

Attendance Policy

If a student must miss a class period, the TA must be notified in advance and a makeup assignment will be prepared. Course attendance will be 10 percent of each student's score.

Class Participation

Participation in lecture will comprise 20 percent of each student's score. A student may be asked to present materials on topics with which they are familiar.

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Lab Submission Requirements

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