Kai Sun 孙凯

Associate Professor
Department of EECS, University of Tennessee


Tel: 865-974-3982
Email: kaisun(at)utk.edu

Address: 612 Min H. Kao Building, 1520 Middle Drive, Knoxville, TN 37996-2250

Reserach Highlights

This page lists and categorizes major research results of journal publications.

Understanding and Control of Power System Oscillations

The traditional classification and methods on power system stability that has been practiced for decades will no longer be adequate to real-life dynamics and instability events in power grids with high penetration of renewable distributed energy resources (DERs). Our goal is to acquire an in-depth understanding in nonlinear modal dynamics of a power grid as a nonlinear multi-oscillator system and establish a new methodology named Nonlinear Modal Decoupling for improving power system stability by wide-area measurements and coordination control of DERs.

Faster-Than-Real-Time Power System Simulation

Real-time simulation is crutial to ensure power grid resilience against major disturbances. However, there is not much room for traditional numerical simulation to improve time performance. Leveraged by high-performance supercomputers, we are estabilising a new, semi-analytical approach for faster power system simulation in deterministic and stochastic manners to address increasing uncertainties in grid operations brought by renewables.

Cascading Failures

These efforts develop new models, simulation tools and control strategies to understand, prevent and mitigate cascading failures in interconnected power grids.

Voltage Stability and Control

A major concern in grid operations is voltage instability, which will become more critical with the increasing penetration of intermittent DERs. Our research in this field develops new methods to improve online voltage stability assessment (VSA) and VAR control.

Other Topics